I teach a wide variety of courses in economics at SJSU. Typically in the fall semester I teach courses in Corporate Finance (Econ 137A), Regional Economics (econ 165) or Urban Economics (Econ 166), and Economic Analysis for Decision Making (Econ 205A). In the spring semester I typically teach a course in Topics in Corporate Finance (Econ 137B), a survey of National Economies ( Econ 117), Macroeconomic Theory Econ 202 and whatever other economics courses meet the needs and interests of students in economics at SJSU. These have included derivative securities ( Econ 237), Computer Applications in Economics ( Econ 195) Mathematical Methods in Economics (Econ 104 and Econ 204), Computational Economics (Econ 220), Public Finance ( Econ 132), Money and Banking (Econ 135), Economic Development (Econ 112 and Econ 212), Macroeconomic Theory (Econ 102, Economic Report Writing (Econ 100W), Workshop in Policy Analysis (Econ 205B), Industrial Organization (Econ 121), and Institutionalist Economics (Econ 193). Only occasionally do I teach the principles of economics courses, (Econ 1A and Econ 1B). I have taught the Economic History of Europe (Econ 110) and the Economic History of the U.S. and Canada (Econ 111) and very much look forward to teaching them again. In the summer sessions I sometimes teach Business and Economic Forecasting (Econ 138). In the Spring 2002 semester I will teach a new experimental cource on the economic history of Asian economies (Econ 196h).

Econ 1A Econ 1B
Econ 102 Econ 100W
Econ 103A Econ 103B
Econ 104 Econ 204
Econ 110 Econ 111
Econ 112 Econ 117
Econ 121  
Econ 132 Econ 135
Econ 137A Econ 137B
Econ 138  
Econ 165 Econ 166
Econ 193 Econ 195
Econ 205A Econ 205B
Econ 202 Econ 220
Econ 212 Econ 237

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Graduation 2003

My special interests in economics are:

Explanation of the Monty Hall Game problem.

In addition to these interests I have a number of interests outside of economics. My resumé is also available.

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