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Color Mutations of Mondrian Abstracts

One of the tenets of Piet Mondrian's Neoplasticism is that the colors must be only the primary colors of red, blue and yellow with black, white and grays. In the following some of Mondrian's abstracts are displayed along with versions in which the colors deviate from that tenet.

The first mutation is a more or less random mutation of the colors and it is not as bright and attractive as the original. The appeal of the original may be in the sharpness of the contrasts of the colors. The second mutation is an attempt to provide more contrast. The third replaces the pink of the second with a red orange to provide sharper contrast with with the light green. However the result is still less appealing than the original.

Here is one of Mondrian's later and simpler abstracts along with a color mutation of it.

For this abstract the mutation is not any less appealing than the original.

(To be continued.)

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