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The Timeline of the Life of
Julia, Daughter of Octavian


When Octavian had secured power in Rome there was one dangerous threat to his governance. In Sicily the son of Pompei, Sextus, could control the trade routes in the Mediterranean. Octavian decided to seek a diplomatic solution to the danger by marrying the daughter of Sextus, Scribonia Sabina. This ploy did not work. Sextus sought an alliance with Octavian's rival Mark Antony. Nevertheless Octavian emerged the victorius and unchallenged emperor of Rome. He was not called emperor but in effect that was what he was.

Julia was Octavian's only child and very often she seemed to be treated like a genealogical pawn used by Octavian to try to get a male heir to succeed him. His efforts were unsuccessful.

Julia, Daughter of Octavian

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