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The Timeline of the Economic
History of Helsinki, Finland


The cultural ancestors of the people living in Finland, Estonia, Karelia and Lappland came into these areas several thousands of years ago. In addition there are people of the same cultural heritage living in the Lake Onega area of present day Saint Petersburg, the Veps, and several cultural enclaves of North Russia. The genetic origins of the Finns of Finland, Estonia and Karelia are more mixed, including a large component from the people of Indo-European cultural ancestry. The Finns and Lapps despite speaking linguistically related languages and having similar names for themselves, Suomi and Sami, respectively, are genetically separate.

The Kingdom of Sweden gained control of the region of Finland in about 1100 CE and held on to it for about seven hundred years. In 1808 and 1809 the Russian Empire fought a war with the Kingdom of Sweden over control of Finland and won. Finland became a grand duchy with the Czar of Russia as its monarch. This arrangement, rather than the assimilation of Finland into Russia, was important because when the Bolsheviks of Russia executed the Czar and his family this severed the tie between Finland and Russia and Finland became independent in 1917.

Timeline for Helsinki

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