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The Economy and Economic History
of Armenia

Throughout the recorded history of Europe and the Middle East Armenians have been there, often far afield of their homeland. They have been a distinct but not too alien ethnic group in many societies. Armenians were among the earliest traders in central Europe. When the British established a trading post at Calcutta there were already Armenian traders living there.

The area of the Republic of Armenia is about thirty thousand square kilometers, somewhat smaller than the American state of Maryland. The population population is roughly 3.5 million, roughly equal to that of the state of Connecticut. There is an approximately equal number of Armenians living outside of the Republic.

In reviewing the history of Armenia and the Armenians one is struck with the thought of how could such a relatively small population have suffered so much sorrow and hardship. And yet the Armenians have persevered. At the early development of the petroleum industry in the Midle East there was Calouste Gulbenkian, a key figure. The Armenian-American William Saroyan was not only a famous author and playwright (Teahouse of the August Moon), but also wrote a popular American song of the 1950's (Come-on-a My House) sung by Rosemary Clooney.

Synopsis of the History of Armenia and the Armenians

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