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The Binding Energy of an Alpha Module
anywhere in a Nucleus is equal
to that of an Alpha Particle

A neutron whenever possible forms a spin pair with another neutron. Also whenever possible a neutron forms a spin pair with a proton. But a neutron may form a spin pair with only one neutron and with one proton. Consequently neutrons (n) and protons (p) in chains which involve modules of the form -n-p-p-n-, or equivalently, -p-n-n-p-.

Neutrons and protons also interact through the nuclear strong force with any number of other nucleons.

An alpha particle is an alpha module and it is the simplest chain of alpha modules. An alpha module anywhere in a nucleus has the same number of spin pairs of the three types as an alpha particle. There are also the same number of interactions of the three types which are internal to the module or the adjacent nucleons are there are in an alpha particle. Thus the binding energy of any alpha module should be the same as an alpha particle. An alpha particle has interactions with other nucleons but so does any alpha module so the binding energies should be the same. .

(To be continued.)

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